Here at Elite Care, You are the boss as you take control of your pain and rehabilitation. We know what its like to be you, and we want to help you. We understand that everyone is unique. Our treatment plans are a result of collaborative effort between you, being driven and engaged, and us, bringing our knowledge and compassion, to achieve the best results possible. Each session is tailored to your needs and abilities even as they change on a daily basis. We begin with a thorough evaluation and create and carry out a treatment plan that takes in to account your goals along with realistic expectations.  


Challenging yet rewarding....

We aim to take you to the next level. The treatment sessions need to be challenging otherwise we won't make any changes for the better. Out PT's are experts in creating a challenging routine and providing a safe and fun environment to be successful.

Individualized yet social...

Every treatment plan is different and tailored to the needs of the patient due to the different causes of injury. However, it doesn't mean we can't have fun with other people in the room. You will only work with out highly trained PT's and no one else. We will guide you from start to finish. One on one attention is what you deserve and one on one attention is what you'll get.


Our Team


Russell Altman is the Owner and Physical Therapist here at Elite Care Physical Therapy. He graduated with his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Columbia University in 2006. Since his graduation, Russell has strives to continue his education and to refine his technique with manual therapy and exercise prescription to help people from all walks of life. He uses the same approach with the athlete that comes in looking to get stronger and eliminate pain from a particular movement to the person who just wants to walk around the block without pain. Although he has no designated specialty, he works with a wide variety of diagnoses, including TMJ dysfunction, Low back and Neck pain, Shoulder pain, and knee dysfunctions to name a few. he prides himself on his ability to relate to the patient an educate them in their diagnoses, treatment, and prognosis. "Patient education is of Utmost importance in this field. If the patient can understand the "how and why" of their treatment and recovery, it makes the recovery ten times easier for both the patient and me. 50% of my job is to communicate to the patient the "how and why" of an injury and the "how and why" of their selected treatment plan. If this is achieved, then the other 50% of my job becomes much easier and the patient benefits greatly to a shorter recovery and a quicker return to prior level of activity." Come in and chat with Russell about almost anything!