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Frustrated with Low Back issues and Golfer's Elbow, I was looking for some one nearby who could help me with these issues as I continued my physical regime - yoga, crossfit, running, pilates. Dr. Russ Altman was recommended to me, and from the first day he assessed me, I was impressed by how intuitive he is! He spends quality time with all of his patients, and he never minds explaining ( and with models) how the parts of your body work (or aren't working correctly). He has excellent comprehension of physical pursuits and training and has helped me to get back to it all! When a shoulder issue arose, he saw me right away and started working his "magic". Improvements been readily seen. On top of his expertise and professionalism, he's a great all around friendly guy who truly cares about his patients.

Karen K.


I am a 36 year old career athlete ( College Baseball, Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) who recently developed some shoulder pain. I was looking for a Physical Therapist who understood the most current trends in training and fitness and who was an athlete themselves. Russ absolutely fit the bill. He understands what someone who trains hard in any sport needs to do to get moving well and pain free. I will highly recommend Elite Care to any athlete or non athlete.

Kevin C.


At our Crossfit gym, whenever someone has an injury or perhaps a body that's just feeling out of sorts, you'll always hear 'Go see Russ'. That's not an exaggeration. At our gym, Russ has a reputation that deservedly precedes him. He's extremely capable, and more importantly, dedicated to his patients. And even more critically, Russ just gets it; when he works on me or others who crossfit,, he knows her working on people who are competitive and loathe missing workouts, so he's focused on getting us fixed up quickly and teaching us how to modify our workouts so that we can continue to exercise in a safe manner. I can't recommend working with Russ highly enough.

Joe S.


I was suffering from tennis elbow for about 8 months and didn't know a good PT place and then the owner, Tim, of my Crossfit Gym, Crossfit 908, recommended I go see Russell. Russell was able to fix my elbow in what seemed like no time at all. Not only is he patient when listening, he is also very knowledgable on how the body moves and can explain everything in simple terms that are easy to understand. Since my elbow, he has help with my neck, shoulder, and lower back. At my gym, whenever anyone gets hurt, we all say "go see Russell". He is the go guy for all our aches and pains. I consider myself fortunate to have somebody like Russell to help me get back to fighting shape when I get hurt. An appointment with Russell is not just a PT appointment but an education of the mechanics of the human body. You will leave his office not only feeling better, but with a better understanding of your injury and your body.

Lisa H.


As someone who is physically active, I'm used to feeling the occasional ache and pain. But sometimes those aches and pain last more than a few days, and I know I need to have them looked at. When it comes to the human body, pain in one place can sometimes be the result of something going on elsewhere in the body (poor movement patterns, a weak muscle, etc). I've seen many Physical Therapists over the years, and none of them seem to understand the complexities of the human body as much as Russ Altman. Russ takes the time to test Range of Motion, strength, and movement patterns to properly diagnose and treat the patient. He always makes sure to explain things in plain english so you know exactly what is going on and what the game plan is to treat it. Russ' treatments are extremely effective and have successfully resolved every single issue I've had. His excellent bedside manner and personality make each visit a pleasant experience.

Don S.